20 years young.
L dot A dot, california.


definitely my new favourite video on the internet

France NT arriving in Paris this afternoon.

I’m so excited and happy cause i’m downloading “The Demos” by Ryan,i found the links to download with more of 50 songs!!



  1.  Biggest Regret.mp3
  2.  Contradiction.mp3
  3.  Shadows.mp3
  4.  Fading Photographs.mp3
  5.  Future Love.mp3
  6.  Gravity.mp3
  7.  Ransom.mp3
  8.  Say Goodbye.mp3
  9.  Sleepwalker.mp3
  10.  I Will Try.mp3
  11.  Strangers.mp3
  12.  Every Season.mp3
  13.  DJ Is My Lover.mp3
  14.  Everything.mp3
  15.  Ice.mp3
  16.  Not to Love you.mp3
  17.  On My Way Here.mp3
  18.  Save Myself.mp3
  19.  Unbroken.mp3
  20.  Walk Away.mp3
  21.  Sexy Baby.mp3
  22.  Battlefield (Demo).MP3
  23.  All For You.mp3
  24.  Back To Me.mp3
  25.  History.mp3
  26.  If This Is Love.mp3
  27.  Day In The Life Of.mp3
  28.  The Look.mp3
  29.  Lost & Found.mp3
  30.  You Don’t Care.mp3
  31.  You Started It.mp3
  32.  The Way I Feel.mp3
  33.  Miracle.mp3
  34.  Speak Up.mp3
  35.  Without You.mp3
  36.  Listen.mp3
  37.  Show Me.mp3
  38.  It’s Beautiful.mp3
  39.  Varsity - All Of Me (Ryan Tedder).mp3
  40.  The Perfects.mp3
  41.  Strong Enough.mp3
  42.  Thank You For The Heartbreak.mp3
  43.  Boy Like That.mp3
  44.  Dance.mp3
  45.  Mercy (Duffy Cover).mp3
  46.  Not Over (featuring Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic).mp3
  47.  Switch On.mp3
  48.  Ryan Tedder - Halo.mp3
  49.  Good In Goodbye.mp3
  50.  Breathe In Breathe Out.mp3
  51.  The World I Knew.mp3
  52.  Life Without You.mp3
  53.  Satellite.mp3
  54.  Anything.mp3
  55. Everything II.mp3
  56. Ice(ft. Rihanna).mp3
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I hope this doesn’t embarrass him but my Dad loves sending me emails which I love getting. He sends me these things and I just want to read one, I thought it was so sweet, he always phrases these emails in a very formal way…

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Rachel C. Lewis, Tell The People You Love That You Love Them  (via beatboxgoesthump)


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